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 Story of compatibility

The arrival of the intelligent phones and the tablets which offer to connect in Internet represents an important advance in the field of the communications. Portable, mobile, these devices allow to see new horizons by offering applications which allow to win a precious time in touring.

The general public also finds there a new means to remain connected any time, to visit web sites whatever is the place where we are.

Not to take into account this important part of visitors would be a strategic serious mistake. Boomerang Multimedia knew how to adapt itself by programming perfectly compatible sites with the new means of communication.

We take a particular care to programming compatible web sites for very great majority of media and we also test all the web sites which we test with the various browsers such as Firefox, Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera or Safari.
Every browser interprets differently the coding of programming. By ignoring this reality, some web sites can work perfectly on Explorer and display in a erroneous way on others such as Firefox.

With Boomerang Multimedia, your web site is visible everywhere with it almost totality of the browsers and the used devices.

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 01 28 2013  Story of compatibility
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