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Network of the Businesswomen of Quebec

The Network of the Businesswomen of Quebec (RFAQ) is a company who have for mission to recognize, to accompany and to promote the leadership of the women within the business circles, political and economic. The RFAQ is a network of businesswomen and professionals grouping 2000 members, everywhere in Quebec.

Our customer chose Boomerang Multimedia to assure the follow-up of his weekly electronic newsletter as well as the preparation of all his electronic sendings which are among about ten a week.

Cynthia Sardou, partner of Boomerang Multimedia is moreover a member of the Network of the Businesswomen of the Laurentides.

The New Edition newspaper

The newspaper The New Edition is the oldest newspaper managed towards a readership of business people of the Island of Montreal. Spread in several tens of thousand copies every month, it also publishes every week a news bulletin sended by electronic way.

Boomerang Multimedia, and more exactly Jean-Claude Bataille, took care of the chief writing of this title recognized in the Montreal business community.
Reports, interviews, photos, writing, management of the web site, the digital sendings, are so many functions which are made by Boomerang Multimedia.

We established a very close collaboration with the newspaper New edition and his team. The example completes of a total synergy which allowed the newspaper to modernize its web site and to develop even unpublished and competitive tools of distribution!

Chamber of Commerce of the East of Montreal ( CCEM)

The Chamber of Commerce of the East of Montreal has for mission to support and to promote the economic and social interests of his members and 30 000 companies of the territory which it covers. Endowed with a rising dynamism, she is at the origin of numerous activities and demonstrations of which the most prestigious: the gala evening of the Prizes ESTim which rewards every year the excellence of companies in various categories.

The Chamber of Commerce of the East of Montreal entrusted to Boomerang Multimedia the mission to take care of its media communications. We thus set up the media watch intended to detect all the informations which can concern the Chamber of Commerce and his members.
Boomerang Multimedia also participates in the meetings of the Committee of the Socioeconomic Stakes as well as in the meetings of the Committee Communications as occurring extern advice.

Couvre Toit Laval INC.

Couvretoit Laval INC. A professional of the roof, specialized in shingle of asphalt in the residential and commercial sectors.

This company began by confiding us the care of hosting an existing web site. A few months later, Boomerang Multimedia offered to him to modernize its web site and to bring him new applications.

Today, this web site offers multiple functions such as: the request of on-line submissions, the follow-up and the publishing of on-line submissions, the follow-up of reminders with the customers prospects, the sending automated by submissions, the possibility of editing lists of follow-up clientele.

Furthermore, Boomerang Multimedia intervened as consulting communication to stage the video of promotion.


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