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The personalized applications

Because the example is the best way to convince you, here is a description of a Web application created specifically for the needs of one of our customers.

The customer is a roofing company Laval and he encountered many problems with his former ISP. To edit an image or text, it should contact its webmaster. Not only is our customer had to wait several days or even weeks before you see the changes requested on line, but in addition, he received each time an invoice.

Boomerang Multimedia has designed a website for our customers to self-manage the web site's content. The changes are effective immediately and no invoice is received now for this kind of maintenance.

Later, after having identified the needs of our client, we found him to create a management application submissions and marketing management allowing among other things:
- Automate solicitations online
- To register submission requests in a database,
- Respond directly via email or mail requests,
- On track commercial bids offered by restarting automatically potential customers ...

In addition, clients can manage their website marketing and monitoring from any computer anywhere in the world. It can also create administrators with different levels of access rights can also use this tool invaluable work.

Finally, we also created a timeline for this client which allows you to manage the planning of its work calendar accessible by clients who can with a few clicks and a submission number check the dates of the work.

This is an example of what can be done Boomerang Media to offer a powerful working tool, powerful, versatile and safe.

Want to improve your working methods benefit from new tools to improve your profitability? Please contact us to meet with one of our consultants.


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